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The Bongo forum was set up for Mazda Bongo Owners for Mazda Bongo owners. You will find other site, but this one is not commercially run. Learn More...
From day one the Bongo forum has served as a platform for the Mazda Bongo/Freda owner to exchange help, and ideas, plus to have a bit of banter with each other.
Over the years many have come and gone, but the heart and ethos to why we set up this site is still with us. So come on in and visit our actual chat forum , you never know you may learn something, or even be able to help out another owner! Find the forum HERE



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Please consider a small donation to help us cover our running cost,so that we can keep this site FREE for everyone.


We Are Here To Help

Really this should read that the Bongo Forum is a self help group for like minded people. As the Bongos in this country age, things can and do go wrong. But its the exerience that owners have that can really make a difference.
This is why our actual Bongo Forum is a key to helping others.


We are also a small community, and our forum is full of chat and banter away from the world of the Mazda Bongo. From time to time, you may spot up a meet up that you may wish to take part in.
For the most part its your web site, and its your chat forum.

The Bongo Forum: The Free (Non commercial) web site for the Bongo Owner

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