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Question No brake pedal on my Bongo

1 year 5 months ago #2594 by Gleavehulme
Gleavehulme created the topic: No brake pedal on my Bongo
Hello There,
Could someone please help me as I am running out of ideas. I put some new brake pads in the front of my Bongo. Took the cap off the master cylinder and easily pushed all the pistons in to accomodate the pads. However i noticed the level did not rise in the master cylinder and I now have a brake pedal that when you keep your foot on it sinks right to the floor. I bought two unions and filled the ends with liquid metal and blanked off the master cylinder with the result the pedal was rock solid. So I ruled that out. I have bled the system numerous times and each time the pedal is getting lower and lower. There is no air coming out into the bleed bottle,the fluid is clean and there appear to be no leaks anywhere and the reservoir level is not dropping to hint at a leak. I am progressing along to this ABS module now . Is there a special way to bleed it and can I change it for another one or will the ECU not recognise a different ABS module.Also do I need special tools to bleed the system through? I have a 1997 2.5 turbo diesel with ABS.

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