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Question Cooling system is a weirdo

2 years 2 days ago #2780 by BongoMongo
BongoMongo created the topic: Cooling system is a weirdo
Hey guys,
I have a huge problem with our Bongo (1995, 2.5 Diesel automatic) atm.
We drove it for the past 10 month and froze and sweated in it’s pop top all over New Zealand.
As we’re leaving the country soon, we wanted to sell it this month, but have massive problems with the cooling system now.
The car was overheating 2 times within 3 weeks or so and a lot of the coolant was missing.
We’ve been to ford already and they told us, the thermostat, two hoses, a pipe and the radiator cap would need replacement.
As they couldn’t get the hoses and pipe quickly, they just replaced the thermostat, radiator cap and we fixed a hole in the pipe (apparently a pipe of the turbo).
After the fixing, the mechanic said that they tried to measure CO2 in the coolant, but they said that it wasn’t possible because water was spitting out what means how he interpret it, that the head gasket is damaged and the water is probably getting burned. He also said that the new thermostat is not opening all the time and he can’t figure out why.
In the weeks after the fixing, we had more problems than before. When we were losing water, we were losing it after we parked the car. It was coming out of the overflow container and we had to refill it then.
When we didn’t check the water level before driving, the car overheated a couple of times and we had to stop a lot. But when we topped it up before driving, there were no problems at all, we could drive for 2 hours without a problem. It just get’s warm sometimes but cools down while slow driving again and makes no problems for the trip anymore.
Does anyone has a idea what could explain those problems? Could it really be the head gasket?

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2 years 23 hours ago #2782 by teenmal
teenmal replied the topic: Cooling system is a weirdo
Unfortunately is more likely that the Cylinder Head is cracked.

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2 years 15 hours ago #2783 by haydn callow
haydn callow replied the topic: Cooling system is a weirdo
Almost certainly your cylinder head is goosed as teenmal suggests, you carnt just top up lost coolant in a Bongo, it needs to be bled every time, not what you want to hear but having overheated so often without bleeding out the trapped air is almost always terminal.

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