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Question Bongo Diesel - Won’t Start (battery/starter motor?)

  • DaveC998
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9 months 1 week ago #2915 by DaveC998
DaveC998 created the topic: Bongo Diesel - Won’t Start (battery/starter motor?)
Bongo won’t start

- will start when jump started, so assuming not alternator.
- has started after battery been charged full but then either won’t restart (even after a good 30 min drive) or I will get no response/no turnover when the key is turned once or twice for example then will suddenly spring into life and start a third time.

My thoughts are possibly starter motor (was going to replace contacts), or faulty battery? All fuses seem fine, albeit old so I may replace fuse 6 which i understand is for starter motor? (Correct me if wrong as I’m new to this). I am also going to clean the battery clamps.

Are there other common faults that could be causing this? I have read some posts re fuel shut off valve but I didn’t think it would be this as it will start when it does turnover if jumped.

Any advice much appreciated.


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